Career as a real estate agent

The job description of the real estate agent does not only require the specialised knowledge but also a high degree of interaction with other people. The focus is to reconcile the different interests of the seller and the buyer so that both of them feel well represented. Thus the professional life of the real estate agent is very varied and demanding.
The professional skills lie in the know-how in the areas of business administration, real estate law, marketing, property valuations, contracts, etc.

There are basically two entry options as a junior broker in our office. On the one hand, this is possible with receipt of a passed exam for a real estate agent and on the other hand as a lateral entry.

The training system for the apprenticeship as a real estate agent is based on the training plan of the IHK. As usual in the dual training system, the theoretical part is trained at vocational school and the practical part in our office.

After completing your apprenticeship, you can enter the team of the Immobilien-Haus-Trier if you are a qualified junior broker.

The lateral entry into the team takes place after a two-month internship. In this internship you will be taken "by the hand" of an experienced broker and you can get a first impression of the job profile of a real estate agent. Afterwards, we will discuss your further career opportunities. Of course, after this internship, you must continue to invest in your training and obtain a certificate of competence as, for example, real estate agent IHK.

We are happy to introduce our different entry-level models personally. Please send us your informative application via e-mail to the following e-mail address or directly via the button below. We would like to ask you not to send us any written documents by post because we cannot send them back for organizational reasons. Thank you in advance.

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