Tips for private sale

Tip 1: Avoid common mistakes

The sale of real estate involves a number of risks that we have summarized briefly and concisely for you.

  • Missing documents
    • Compilation of all important documents: dimensioned floor plans, living area calculation, land register extract etc., if necessary declaration of division, Abgeschlossenheitserklärung of condominiums
    • Energy certificate obligation. Violations will be punished with fines.
  • Wrong price assessment
    • Detailed market analysis: If the price is too low, you give away money. If you set the price too high, you scare off potential buyers and risk that your property becomes a slow seller.
  • Estimation of the duration of the sale
  • Correct timing: If you have misjudged the time period for the sale, pressure could be incurred due to relocation to a new property. In addition, you have a bad negotiating position then.
  • Lack of accessibility
    • Do you have enough time besides your job to answer calls, e-mails and inquiries from interested parties and process them promptly?
  • Do not raise false expectations
    • Describe your property as neutral and unemotional as possible and avoid subjective assessments.

Tip 2: Good planning increases the sales success!

Good planning is half the battle, set your goals.

  • What does your target group look like?
  • How should the property be advertised?
  • Which selling price would you like to reach?
  • How do you ensure your accessibility?
  • What documents should be available?

These and other questions should be clarified before the launch so that there is no rude awakening.

Tip 3: Invest a few hours!

  • Do you clean up the object before starting to sell, can you set up small decorative items?
  • The purchase decision usually falls through the "actual state", not by the question: "What could arise from this?"
  • Taps should be checked before the visit.
  • Clean bathrooms sell houses!
  • Pictures are important! In any case, you need a good camera, attractive lighting and a good photo editing program.

  • Advertise on all possible platforms!
  • Beware of sales and rental tourism!

Tip 4: Trust in professional help!

A professional broker offers you the following services:

  • Market-oriented valuation
  • Joint determination of the selling price
  • Development of optimal sales strategy
  • Create a high-quality exposé with significant photos
  • Serious marketing via representative Internet portals
  • Discretion is a matter of course
  • Preselection and examination of the prospective buyer, this is not the task of the notary or another authority
  • Visits and negotiations with the buyer
  • Examination of the notary contract
  • Presence at the notarised contract

How do you proceed?

Now put all the tips into action so that nothing stands in the way of selling your property. Keep in mind that these tips cover only a part of the things to consider when selling.

We hope we could help you with this information and wish you a successful sell of your property.

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