You want to sell your property? Then we bring some life in your property with home staging! Home staging is a sales tool that focuses on the benefits of your property, presenting it as best as possible for the sale.

Experience has shown that potential buyers make their purchase decision in about 95% of the cases subconsciously. That means even the "belly" makes the decisions. In order to control this good feeling optimally, home staging uses it in a targeted manner. All personal design objects are removed and replaced with new elements that are supposed to hit the target group. The buyer should get triggered to move into the property.

The pleasant effects of Home Staging

You get a higher sales price for your property through home staging in the shortest possible time. Your investment pays you off!

What achieves Home Staging?

Almost 80% of the population has hardly any spatial perception, so that Home Staging optimally supports the interested parties in their considerations for the design of the property.

With Home Staging we prepare your property in the best possible way for the viewing - just as you would do for the first date.

No matter whether it is a used, older property or a new building - Home Staging skilfully stages your property. Expertly, we are able to present the possibilities of your property in an ideal way. Through appropriate photos, this is recognizable to potential buyers at first glance.

Especially with inherited real estate, it is of great importance for the achievable sales price, that the object is transformed neutral. Only then the potential buyer can imagine living here himself.

And that pays you off.

We are happy to advise you personally on your further questions. Give us a call!

Tips for private sellers

You should definitely pay attention to these points when marketing:

  • Do not put too many objects together in a small place.
  • The property must be clean.
  • The rooms must be bright. If necessary, you must set up additional light sources.
  • The rooms must be colour-balanced.
  • Pay attention to a focus point in each room.
  • The decoration must be optimally distributed in the room.
  • Pay attention to the first impression. It is crucial to the purchase.
  • The purchase decision is made in the stomach. Pay attention to this in your presentation of the property.

Make sure the decor style appeals to the audience. That does not have to hit your taste.

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Objekt 345432
1.990 €
in Trier

House (family home) for rent, Construction year 1980
54296 Trier
Living area ca. 201 m²
6 Bedrooms
Plot area ca. 1.358 m²

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